Thursday, March 26, 2015

All in its proper time. I have to admit that I'd completely missed the LORDE-train back in 2013. I'd heard of her of course, listened to her songs, but it just wasn't my kind of music. A lot has changed since then. Today Lorde's music feels like a piece of clothing that I'd forgotten existed and that suddenly fits perfectly. I don't even know how I was able to live without her album Pure Heroine. TELL ME! HOW?
It only rarely happens that music makes me feel all the feels. You cannot force such an experience. You can't go looking for these kinds of songs – they have to come to you. And when they do, you're like »Will there ever be another album that means so much to me?« I don't want to think about that right now. I'll just keep on enjoying what I have (in my iTunes library).

Listening to Pure Heroine on repeat wasn't enough. I had to channel my obsession in a different way and found myself illustrating (that's how the pros call it, right?) Lorde's album.
Now that I look at the photos that I took of my drawings, I realize how personal this kind of work is. It feels like showing you pages of my diary. It's intimidating in a way. But I didn't want to just put it away and forget about it. So here it is.

This whole project can be put under the theme of “fangirling” and the notion of creating something by obsessing about someone else's work instead of creating something completely new – which seems impossible anyway, considering that everything has been done before. Tavi Gevinson talks about this a lot by the way and I recommend listening to (and watching) the talk she gave at the Sydney Opera House in 2013 about that particular idea. And while I'm at it I'll also link Tavi's ROOKIE Mag, an online magazine for teenage girls (and women in general!) who want to create things and want to be heard. Tavi also stresses that ”fangirling is not purely about the subject of your fandom, it's actually almost entirely a reflection of you.”
So, here's a reflection of me – created with the help of Lorde's album Pure Heroine, which is Pure Awesomeness.


Tennis Court
400 Lux
Buzzcut Season
Glory and Gore
Still Sane
White Teeth Teens
A World Alone

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