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Saturday, April 25, 2015

I got a few new and new (old) things in the last couple of weeks and thought, why not show what I bought? I went to thrift stores, a flea market, the drugstore and a bookstore and collected some clothes, make-up and books--duh.

Side note before I begin: I (usually) hate shopping for clothes. It's a nightmare. First of all: I don't “need” anything. Secondly: I don't want to try things on, or contemplate if the new pieces are going to go with the things I already own, and on top of all that, the atmosphere in most stores (imagine H&M on a Saturday afternoon) makes me nauseous and just generally hate humankind.
Thrift stores and flea markets are different. Going there is like a treasure hunt: You sometimes have to go looking a couple of times until you end up finding one or two pieces. I feel like it's a more concious way of shopping and consuming.

Like with my last trips (yes, plural) to a close-by thrift store*: It took me three visits to finally decide to get the following sweater. Now if that wasn't a well thought through and conscious buy I don't know.

I also went to a flea market* last week and picked up a t-shirt, a blouse, a scarf (because winter is right around the corner) and an audio cassette. I still got an old SONY Walkman at home and I like using it every once in a while. Also, TKKG was one of my favourite audio dramas when I was a child and I still enjoy listening to it.

The next things aren't thrifted – although there are a lot of amazing shops in the area that sell used books.
But I felt like browsing the English Bookshop in Dussmann, which is a huge bookstore here in Berlin and I finally got Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

I've heard lots of good things about it and although I'm usually sceptical when a book appeals to the masses, I wanted to give it a read and picked it up.

The next thing was an unexpected and surprising find: The Happy Reader – a “Bookish Quarterly”, put out by Penguin. It wasn't cheap I have to add: 5€ for a rather flimsy booklet but it is so good and I really enjoy reading it. The heart piece in this issue is an interview with Kim Gordon, who recently published her memoir called Girl in the Band (on my to-read-list already).

I also got Jean-Paul Sartre’s letters to Simone de Beauvoir (Vol. I). I had planned on getting a Volume with Simone's letters to Jean-Paul but they didn't have that in stock, so I settled for this edition for the time being.

Other things you can find at the bookstore are bookish buttons. At least since my DIY Pins post, you might know that I love pins and buttons and that I attach them to my tote bags and backpacks.
And when I saw these buttons … well they just had to come with me.

So these were some new additions to my closet/bookshelf – I hope you enjoyed reading my ramble and maybe even feel inspired to go thrifting, to the bookstore!

* Shops mentioned:
- Colours Thrift Store (Bergmannstraße 102)
- Flohmarkt im Mauerpark (Bernauer Straße 63)
- Dussmann (Friedrichstraße 90)

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