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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Today’s post is going to be a brief one and I felt like doing it in English. So here we go. By the time you’re reading this we’re already going to be on holiday. Right now I’m still at home, figuring out what to pack. I like packing … I put very much thought into it because the possibility of bringing the wrong stuff or leaving something at home that I though I didn’t need, is very unsettling to me. What’s also unsettling to me: being on a plane without the right props. Even if it is a short-haul flight, there are a couple of things that I absolutely NEED when I’m in the cabin.

Here's a list of my flight essentials. I like lists.

» reading/writing material
you should always bring a book -- wherever you go -- but on flights especially. Because just imagine you’re stuck on a plane and have to read the in-flight magazine and articles about fishing on Fiji or Russias top ten most luxurious hotels.
I also always bring my journal. Because sometimes my thoughts are racing and I need to write stuff down before I can focus on anything else. Also: travel journalling!

» cozy (blanket) scarf + warm socks
a/c on flights can be annoying, I therefore always bring a scarf and sometimes also warm socks. Yes, I’m one of the ones who take off their shoes on the plane (because I like to sit on my legs) and an additional pair of socks keeps my feet warm then.

» a toy
nothing more to add

» snacks!
I’m a picky on-the-go eater. And I don’t like to be dependent on the things you can get at airports and on planes, so I always bring my own food (homemade sandwich + fruits), and snacks.

» lip salve
the air on planes is so drying. Even on short-haul flights I get very dry lips and hands. Therefore I also always bring some sort of hand/lip salve with me. This particular one is my family’s secret skincare weapon. My mother has been using this cream for at least twenty year (not this particular jar of course, duh) and my sister and I use it ourselves today too. Best cream for very dry hands, lips or irritated skin EVER.

» also always important
gum, wet wipes, tissues, headphones (even better: earplugs!)

What do you bring on flights? Am I forgetting anything very important? Then please tell me!
And save travels everyone! :)

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