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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Surprise! Coming at you with an unplanned blogpost that is as spontaneous as the little trip I am taking this weekend. But let me start at the beginning: I'm surprising my sister with a (surprise − duh) visit for her birthday and am on the plane to Munich as we speak. [Edit: Actually, since the Lufthansa pilots are on strike, I'm on a _train_ to Munich now thankyouverymuch.] Whilst packing my things for the mini vacation I thought why not show you my approach to minimalist packing and give you a peek into my make-up bag. I'm calling it “my approach” because the amount of stuff I'm bringing might be excessive for someone else but is rather small for me. 💁🏻

Apart from seeing my family we're also doing some other things in Munich including attending a conference and a (I guess) rather fancy-ish dinner thing, so I couldn't just bring lip-balm and call it a day. (Well I could have of course but I didn't want to, so here we are.)


I always pack one of my trusted Paint Pots. I have two different shades: The one in my travel make-up bag this weekend is MAC Groundwork. On my eyebrows I have been using MAC Mystery (+ Alverde Brow Gel) for the past three years. Even the very same pan you see in the photo. Although I'm running low it'll last me at least another year I guess.
What I realise now is that all this reads like a big ad for MAC Cosmetics which it is not, I promise.
More eyeshadows: I always opt for neutral shades as you might be able to tell. In autumn I particulary like mauve-y tones so I brought Blackberry, Twinks, Quarry and Haux. They all go together very well and I now how to work with them. No experiments when travelling. ✈️ (Things missing in the photos because boring: Mascara and an eye pencil.)

 skin + cheeks 

I always bring concealer and a face powder (not displayed, because again, boring). I hardly ever use foundation anymore because I'm too lazy most of the time.
For my cheeks I brought (yet more MAC products) that I have been using and loving over the last ... seven (?) years. First is Prism, a blush that I use as a contour and second is By Candlelight, a highlighter and maybe my favourite product of all time. It goes with everything and even if I look almost dead/half asleep this stuff still manages to improve my overall appearance. Magic. ✨


Last but not least: lipstick. Lipsticks are my favourite thing and I enjoy using them most when I do my make-up. But I still managed to only bring one single lipstick and two different lipliners. I'm very proud of myself since I usually bring at least two lipstick options for every day. Yes, I'm insane. Anyhow: This time I brought a Topshop lipstick in Mink and two GOSH lipliners in Nougat Crisp and Antique Rose. They're great and #crueltyfree! 🐰

And that, believe it or not, is it. Passed are the times when I brought a ~2kg make-up bag just because I wanted to have ALL THE OPTIONS. I guess this is the growing up thing everyone is talking about...

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