The Year Of: A Poem in Pictures

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 was the year of books,
journeys – big and small,
literal and metaphorical,
inward and outward –
delicious food,
new faces, old faces,
new places, old places;
a year of self-care and love,
for me and for others;
a year of staying true to myself,
of communicating,
and living
who I am.

The year started in Paris
and ended in Copenhagen.
In 2016
a lot of bags were packed,
trains boarded,
planes boarded.

It has been the year of yoga.
I am open,
I am secure,
I am bold.

It has been the year of the whale.
Whale, whale, yes, whale.

It has been the year of food,
glorious vegan food –
never ever have I eaten as much
as I have this year.

It has been the year of books –
never ever have I read—
I have read more books in a year,
than I have in this,
but I read more than last year –
I read a lot.

It has been the year of plants,
of new furniture,
and home making,
of luxuriating
at home.

It has been the year of standing up for myself,
making a life for myself –
a year of creating
a space
in which to thrive.

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