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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Since people are frequently requesting blogposts in English, this one is coming to you in, yes, you’ve guessed it, English.
Although make-up products are one of my favourite toys, I don’t talk about them as much on here anymore. That’s mainly because my once very huge collection diminished to a small amount of products. There’s not much variety and I use the same things almost every day, every month. But: In the beginning of this year I got rid of (almost) all of my non cruelty free products and replaced them with cruelty free ones. I mainly sold them or gave them away to friends/family who were interested and only kept very, very few things that actually mean something to me. Meaning I wasn’t as wasteful as it might sound.
So when you caught one of my last travel make-up bag blogposts (back in 2015?!) you’re actually going to see different things today. 🎉 Still, packing my travel make-up bag is much easier now that I own less stuff, because I don’t struggle to decide which of my 10 blushes to pack. Now I only have a single one anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #yayminimalism

Let’s start with them eyes. For Christmas last year I got the tarte in bloom palette and yes, tarte isn’t entirely cruelty free because its mother company isn’t, but I'm willing to overlook that fact and enjoy using my gifted eyeshadow palette. I love all the matt shades and the huge mirror it has in the lid. People who are used to buttery and very opaque Urban Decay (not #cf!) or MAC (neither) eyeshadows won’t be impressed with the tarte palette though, I’m afraid. The colour pay off isn’t groundbreaking, but since I don’t wear lots of eye-make-up anyway, I really like the subtlety of these. You don’t have to be super careful when using a darker shade and you can blend them easily. Did I use all the neccessary beauty blogger terms now? Good. Oh, almost forgot: Eyeshadow is only as good as the primer you put underneath. And while I used to use MAC paint pots and had creased eyeshadow most days because of it, I’m now using the too faced shadow insurance which is _so good_. It has no colour for itself and just does what it says. Your eyeshadow stays exactly where you put it. 💯

More of a boring one: foundation. That’s why I left it out. Well, not entirely. I do use concealer occasionally and translucent powder almost daily. But I don’t bother with liquid foundation anymore. Are there good ones that are cruelty free? Please let me know in case I change my mind. I used to use the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua back in the day and it was honestly amazing – light and practically invisible – but Chanel is not cruelty free and I just cannot be bothered with applying and blending in liquid foundation. So concealer it is. Sometimes. I currently use a Rimmel one (not #cf, unfortunately) and put the soap & glory one heck of a blot powder on top to set it. Done.

Much more exciting than foundation: blush, bronzer, highlighter. As already mentioned I bring one blush – tarte exposed. It is the perfect non-colour for me and goes with most of the lip products I like to use, mainly berry shades. And in case I’m feeling something more earthy, brown or red-ish I opt for the too faced chocolate soleil bronzer instead. But I don’t use it as a bronzer and try to make my face look like I went on holiday recently – I use it as a blush/contour. I know you’re not supposed to do that, but it works fine for me, so there. Another very precious and quite “new” posession of mine is the hourglass luminous light highlighter. It is the best and most subtle highlighter without being glittery, junky or too IN YOUR FACE DISCO BALL BRIGHT which I highly appreciate. ✨

Onto my favourite make-up product off all time: lipstick. Lipsticks were my gateway drug when I first started playing around with make-up. But although my lipstick collection was very big and fast growing up until three or four years ago, I today only own a few (still too many though). So, while I don’t have to think long which blush to bring, it always takes some time to select three or four lipsicks when I go on holiday. When it comes to lip products I need variety and choice, so I packed an earhty orange-y brown, Stoned Rose by Charlotte Tilbury, a berry tone by L.O.V. called Berlin and a … plum-y (?) matt lipstick by Kat Van D in Lolita. Another reason to love autumn: You can wear darker lip colours again – I mean you can do whatever you want and wear the darkest shade of purple in July … I just prefer lighter non-matt colours during summer.

Last but not least, all the miscellaneous non-exciting but necessary stuff like eyelash curlers, eyebrow gel and mascara. I mainly use drugstore products which are affordable, good quality and cruelty free in that category. There’s not much to say about them really. The mascara is by essence and the packaging design is hideous. That’s why I didn’t mind when the tube rolled onto its front side right before I took the picture. The alverde eyebrow gel is really good as well although it could do with a smaller brush, but hey, marginalia. My eyelash curlers are from essence as well. They work. Nothing more to say about them. Oh, and: I know people will ask about the make-up bag. I got it as a present, but I know it’s from Dussmann here in Berlin. Yes, Dussmann the bookstore. It’s a pencil case and just big enough.

And that concludes my little make-up-bag-tour. I hope you enjoyed. And please let me know all your favourite cruelty free make-up brands so I can check them out when I’m in need of new stuff. Thanks, ciao! 💄

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