Samstag, 17. Februar 2018

still not a minimalist 〰️

Vor ungefähr zwei Jahren habe ich hier zum ersten Mal von meiner Declutter-Reise erzählt. Heute gibt es ein Update, eine Zwischenbilanz.
Ich besitze weniger als jemals zuvor, glaube ich. Dennoch fühle ich mich regelmäßig von der Menge meiner Sachen überwältigt. Aber nicht nur davon – auch Konsum und Verbrauch generell belasten mich oft. Was für ein unfassbares Luxusprobelm. In Berlin leben Menschen ohne Wohnung, die alles, was sie besitzen, in einem Rucksack oder zwei Ikea-Tüten tragen können und ich habe Probleme, meinen Kram für eine Reise von sechs Tagen unter der 20kg- und ein-Gepäckstück-Grenze zu halten. Ein weiterer Aspekt der ganzen Decluttering-Thematik: Wenn ich Dinge wegwerfe, verschenke oder spende, mache ich sie erst einmal zum Problem anderer, Dritter. Oftmals derer, die schon zu Beginn der Kette unter meinem Konsum gelitten haben. Erst viele Schritte später, die alle wiederum Ressourcen verbrauchen, bekommt das, was ich nicht mehr haben wollte, eventuell die Chance, noch einmal jemandem zu nützen.
All das spielt in eine Gedankenspirale, in die ich manchmal gerate, wenn ich mich mit Themen wie Konsum und Minimalismus in meinem Leben auseinandersetze.

Samstag, 10. Februar 2018

notes on life 🗒

The other week I went through the notes on my phone. I like doing this every once in a while, it's like a deep dive into my memory – the section where I keep the very random stuff. I hardly ever delete any of said notes. Not even the ones that mean absolutely nothing to me. Like shopping lists from 2012, cookie recipes or the measurements of pieces of furniture that I had to remember for a reason unknown to me.
Here are some of those who do mean something to me. They're from the last five years and completely random for sure, but that's life.

Samstag, 3. Februar 2018

new beginnings

I’m in this weird in between transition phase in my life where I belong only to myself. Two weeks ago I left my job – the very first permanent position I’ve had after graduating from University and moving to Berlin. I’ve been working at this job for almost three years. When I came to Berlin I had no idea where my path would lead me.
While learning to navigate a new city and getting used to a new living situation I sent out a few applications. More or less out of obligation because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I got an offer relatively quickly though and started at this firm a few weeks later. This was two years and eight months ago, in June 2015. Berlin still felt so unfamiliar to me. So did my role, the “not-a-student-anymore-but-a-responsible-adult-with-a-full-time-job”-role. I faked it, I think. Coming to work, making small talk, attending meetings, writing e-mails, answering the phone – having to come out of my introvert’s shell every day was challenging and exhausting. I had to train myself to do so as you would exercise a muscle. I found ways to stay true to myself, to my personality and my needs and beliefs. Due to that I oftentimes ran into walls and also upset people – but I’m glad I didn’t just fall into line when I realized I didn’t really fit the mould – I kept on doing my own thing instead of floating with the current. That can be very difficult and alienating but at the end of the day you feel much more at peace with yourself.