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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Whenever I do these kinds of blogposts, I start out by saying that my “favourite things“ usually don’t change (a lot), because I hardly ever buy new stuff. Maybe I’ll try out a new shower gel every once in a while or (of course) read a book I really like and want to talk about. But apart from things with which you either go through a cycle or use up, my favourites don’t change that much. Although sometimes of course I re-discover stuff I’ve had for a while and then all of a sudden am obsessed with again.
So without further ado, here are some things I currently enjoy using/doing/wearing/listening to … .✨

I switched to cruelty-free make-up and skincare products quite a while ago and finding a face wash/facial cleanser that works for me, proved to be quite difficult. I’ve tried out a few organic ones from the drugstore, that were decently priced and did the job, but still didn’t leave my skin feeling GREAT. I have combination skin, meaning my chin/nose/forehead area tend to be oily while the skin around my cheek- and jawbone is fairly dry. That’s why I can’t go for products aimed at “problematic”/oily skin – I‘ve tried some of those as well and they made the more sensible parts of my face dry to a point of itchiness. ๐Ÿ˜

So when LUSH gave me their face cleanser “AQUA MARINA“* to try out, I was a bit sceptic at first, BUT: After using it for two months now I am totally convinced. The cleanser is of an almost clay-y/pasty consistency and there are algae mixed into it as well. I always use it under the shower, put a small amount between my hands, rub them together and then gently wash my face. Speaking of gentle, the cleanser is SO GENTLE. I feel like it softens my skin and really cleanses it without drying it out. But what I love most about “AQUA MARINA” is the smell. When I put both of my hands over my face to work in the cleanser, I always close my eyes and take a deep breathe in. I’m telling you the smell always makes me feel like I just took a swim in the ocean. ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿš

Since we’re already on the subject of cosmetics that make you feel like you’re diving into the sea, let’s talk about “RUB RUB RUB”* from LUSH, which was also gifted to me by them #notspon. As the name suggests, “RUB RUB RUB“ is a body scrub. I usually use it in the morning after working out, but not more often than 2-3 times a week. What I love about it most (apart from the sea salt-y smell) is (its deep blue colour) and the fact that it lathers really well. Most scrubs I’ve tried tended to be quite dry and didn’t really double as shower gel. This one does and it smells so good! ๐Ÿ’™

Speaking of skin. I really enjoyed not wearing any make-up at all lately. Don’t get me wrong – I do love putting on and wearing make-up, but I like my bare face as well. A lot. I sometimes don’t look in the mirror at all for a whole day – or I do but I don’t really look at myself. That made me focus more on how I feel, if that makes sense.

Yes, exactly, eggplants/aubergines are my current favourite food (amongst a lot of other delicous things). I’ve had more aubergines in the past four weeks than in the last four years altogether. It all started out with a sponsored campaign I did for dutch aubergine growers, which sounds very random, I know, but it was great and fun and tasty. I never really considered aubergines when cooking. For the campaign I had to come up with/research a recipe and cook something with aubergines. And since then I’m actually hooked and cook/eat aubergines at least once a week. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป‍♀️๐Ÿ† If you’d like to check out the blogpost I did for said campaign – I’ll link it here.

Wow, this girl loves whales. And hats. Either last year or two years ago I got this hat from an etsy shop in the US. You could chose a hat colour and an animal you then got stitched onto the hat. And animals on hats, what can I say. Of course I got the orca one. And one with a koala. And I’m planning on getting one with a pigeon. Because. Why not. I love the hat’s soft and at the same time thick cotton fabric – I don’t know why, but the faded colour and the material make me think of my childhood which again makes me very nostalgic. As a matter of fact, summer in general makes me nostalgic. And since I mainly wear the hat during the sunnier months, the combination of all of that gives me THE FEELS.

And since you were already wondering how old I am (Is she what, five? Eight?) I’m following up with another orca favourite of mine. A clay pendant I made and painted myself. It sounds easy I suppose, but when you’re trying to paint a very small whale onto something really tiny, your hands and fingers and all of your tools and brushes seem way too big all of a sudden. It takes time and patience and that is probably what I love about the necklace: How I made it myself and how doing and creating something with my hands makes me feel calmer and more mindful and in the present moment.

Another (all time) favourite of mine is my journal. I‘ve been writing in it a lot these past months and it always helps me a great deal. This particular journal is full now and I‘m about to start a new one, which I find quite difficult. It usually takes me a few weeks to become fully acquainted with a new journal. Part of writing in my journal is also looking back at older entries. They make me see how much I’ve grown/changed and put into perspective what I’m currently writing about. These countless reference points are missing when the entry I’m writing is the very first one in a new book.

Last but not least: A song. I have to admit that I completely ignored Kesha‘s album release last year. But I think that certain things come to us when it’s time and we need them. Like a book for example, that you’ve had on your shelf for two years and suddenly feel the need to read. I wasn’t very much into music these past months and mainly listened to podcasts. But a few weeks ago I saw Kesha’s album cover somewhere … in a YouTube thumbnail? On someone’s instagram? I don’t remember. I needed something to listen to while doing some mundane admin on my laptop – so I listened to the whole thing. I needed new music that didn’t remind me of anything. Something upbeat. And for now I like “BASTARDS“ best. ๐ŸŒˆ
So there we are. These are my current favourites. Let me know what you currently enjoy using, eating, wearing, listening to etc. And have a great day! ✨
*this blogpost is not sponsered – however, the products marked with * were given to me for free.

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