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Planner Set-Up 2018/2019 📓📝✂️

Setting up my new planner is one of my favourite things to do every year. Although “retiring” my old planner is never easy – because we‘ve been through so much together – starting fresh with a new one is always exciting and motivates me to get things done and start projects. And since I received a lot of messages on instagram regarding my (new) planner set-up, I thought I’d do this one in English, so that as many of you as possible would be able to read it ~if still interested ~. 🤓

I’ve previously talked about my somewhat “very particular” planner needs. It seems like none of the ones you can buy are cutting it for me. They usually provide lots of information I don’t need (e.g. global time zones, like in the case of a Moleskine planner) and at the same time don’t offer enough blank pages where I can write down random lists or other notes. That’s why I started “making” my own planner – or as far as possible – personalizing a regular 18 months Moleskine notebook. I’ve shown you that already in an older blogpost – so maybe have a look at that post first and then come back, because I came up with something slightly different this year. ✨

My set-up is still the same, but instead of a Moleskine planner I’m using a blank Leuchtturm notebook.
To quickly recap my previous Moleskine-solution: Although I always loved my Moleskine planner, there was never enough space for everything I wanted to write down, like I already mentioned. My notebook is a combination of a (daily/weekly) planner and a journal, where I keep track of everything I’m currently doing or plan on doing, write down blogpost ideas, books I’ve read/movies I’ve seen or galleries I went to.
To make more space for these random lists, I glued additional blank peaces of paper into my Moleskine and onto all the random pages I didn’t need (e.g. the previously mentioned time zones, measures & conversions, international sizes … I mean wtf). Which, to be honest, was (yes, working for me, but also) completely ridiculous. When the only element I actually wanted to use from the Moleskine was the weekly calendar, why not use a blank notebook, put in a (handwritten) calendar and have more space for all the other things. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I set aside a double page per week – just like the Leuchtturm/Moleskine weekly-planners normally do – to have one week at a glance on the left and space for my most important weekly tasks on the right. I left enough blank pages in the beginning of the notebook for all my lists etc. and some additional blank pages in the back of the book for more notes and stuff.

I‘ve mentioned lists. Lists of what? Lists of books I‘ve read, movies I‘ve watched, art galleries/museums I went to. I like to keep track of these things – not because the information itself is particularly important to me. It‘s more for nostalgic and remembrance reasons. Lists on the more practical side include: Lists of my blogpost ideas, packing lists when I go on a trip, gift ideas I collect throughout the year and come back to around Christmas or someone‘s birthday … you get the idea. 📝

So … that’s what I did this year. An experiment I’d say. I’m quite the neat freak and when I’m doing something like crafting my own planner, there’s always a chance that the finished product doesn’t meet my standards and I end up not using the thing. So let‘s hope we‘ll get along. 🤞
But I think it worked out fine and I’m already enjoying ALL THE SPACE I have for ALL THE LISTS.
And honestly, when setting up my planner, it’s not so much about making an “object of utility” but first and foremost about the process of putting it together. I usually start collection bits and pieces to put in my planner months in advance. Like magazine cut outs, photographs etc. – I also go crazy on stickers – and I’m always looking forward to setting everything up.

So … nothing much has changed regarding how I organize my planner/what I put in it, but the fact that I‘m starting out with a blank/dotted notbook is new – … and since I received so many questions about it, I just thought, why not. I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you have any more questions or want to share your own ideas! 💌

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