Samstag, 21. Juli 2018

Raw Vegan Raspberry & Lime Cheesecake 🥥🍋

Hello there, thanks for joining me today – … you came because there’s cake, right? Right. I made a very delicious (if I may say so myself) raw vegan cheesecake for someone’s birthday the other month. The someone asked for “something with raspberries” and since I know he also loves lime/lemon/grapefruit, I went for a raspberry lime (+lemon) cheesecake that is also raw and vegan. You’re welcome.
This cheesecake is perfect for summer because it’s a) cold/chilled aka not baked and b) very refreshing thanks to the raspberries and citrus fruit. It needs a bit of preparation and a high power food processor or blender but apart from that, the whole thing is darn easy. So lets get into it.

The recipe is a mix of several ones that I have tried out over the past three years. Sticking to recipes and instructions when I’m baking or cooking is very difficult for me – I always feel the need to alter and tweak something to make it even better (supposedly). So feel free to change anything (at your own risk 😅) if you have ideas to improve the recipe.

#1 put 250g cashews in a bowl and soak them in boiling hot water for at least 15 minutes – set the remaining 50g (not soaked) aside
#2 put dates (all of them) in a bowl and soak them in boiling water as well – don’t pour the water the dates sat in away later on, but save it … you’ll probably need it in step 5
#3 do the same with 100g of buckwheat – set the remaining 50g (still dry!) aside
#4 put a teaspoon of coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan and roast your almonds + 50g of (dry) buckwheat until golden brown – add a pinch of cinnamon if you like
#5 put roasted almonds/buckwheat, soaked dates/buckwheat + salt in your blender/food processor and process until you’re left with a mushy mass. you’ll probably have to add 2-4 tablespoons of the date water you’ve saved (in step 2) to get the right consistency. no worries, when there’re still chunky bits of almond/buckwheat left, it actually adds to the taste.

#6 scrape the doughy mass out of your blender (that’s always my least favourite part 😏) and put it in a spring loaded pan that you’ve either lined with clingfilm or greased with coconut oil – press the crust down with your fingertips until there’s an even layer of it in your pan (on the bottom and on the rim) – set in freezer
#7 put soaked cashews (250g) + dry cashews (50g) in your blender, add agave syrup, vanilla extract, coconut oil, coconut cream/mousse [⚠️ you can go for regular coconut milk – the one you can buy in tins – and only use the solid chunks in there, not the liquid stuff. there’s also something called “coconut mousse” you can get at the drugstore (from alnatura for example #notspon 🙃] or health food store that’s used as a breakfast spread (like nutella). just make sure that it’s made of 100% coconut and doesn’t contain anything else.)

#8 zest one lime – juice (both) limes and the lemon and add everything to your blender
#9 BLEND until you’re left with an off-white creamy paste that is so tasty that you want to eat it with a spoon right out of the blender – but you don’t.
#10 pour one half (or two thirds) of the filling into your pie pan (onto the crust) – add your raspberries/mixed berries (maybe save some to later put on the finished cake) to the remaining filling in the blender and BLEND again until the filling is nice and pink
#11 add the raspberry filling to your pie pan and smooth the surface with a spoon – set in freezer for around 12hrs.

#12 defrost for around an hour before eating! … the cake tastes best when it’s chilled. I guess it’d melt or get really runny when you keep it at room temperature, so make sure to put it back in the fridge. After we had a piece each we sliced the cake and froze the remaining peaces. You can then take them out individually and eat them after an hour of defrosting. ❄️🍓

I hope you enjoyed this and try it out! Please let me know if you do – I want to see ALL THE CAKES! 🎂

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