Sonntag, 4. November 2018

breakfast + museum #datewithmyself 🚲🍂

I’ve never found it particularly difficult to be alone or to spend time with myself. Quite the contrary. It’s more of an effort for me to “be social”. Alone time on the other hand feels natural and revitalising as well as relaxing at the same time. I cherish my alone time, however, when you’re so comfortable with being on your own – staying in and reading all day can become a bit of a pattern. That’s why I’m taking myself out on “dates” on a regular basis. It also allows me to be social without actually being social … if that makes sense. That’s what I’m all about basically. 🐞

I’ve also been trying to make an effort to see a bit more of Berlin. We tend to move around the same areas in our daily lives and easily forget everything else that’s also “out there” for us to discover. Going to a weekly market in a different neighbourhood, visiting a museum although it’s on the other end of the city and trying out a café that is a 30 minute bike ride away instead of going to the same one around the corner again and again. I love to ride my bike and explore new areas that way, so I went to Schöneberg and Charlottenburg the other day, got breakfast at a new place and visited the Museum Berggruen.

When I say breakfast, I mean brunch. I’m an early bird and all that but my stomach needs time to wake up in the morning, wants some (a lot of) green tea first of all and food later. I tried out a new Restaurant/Bar called “Black Pug” that also has a huge breakfast menu. It was insanely warm that day – for late October at least – so I sat outside in the sun, had a green smoothie #basic and coconut yoghurt with granola and berries #allveganyay. 🐢

From my breakfast/brunch spot I had twenty more minutes on my bike to Charlottenburg Castle and the Museum Berggruen on the opposite side of the road. The building alone is stunning. It’s not too big – walking through the different rooms actually feels more like wandering round someone’s private villa than a museum. In fact, the museum did grow out of Heinz Berggruen’s (private) collection of modern art – so the sense of looking at someone’s Picasso in their living room isn’t too far-fetched. One of the first rooms on the ground floor, right at the beginning of the tour, is dedicated to Heinz Berggruen’s life, the history of his collection and how it ended up in Berlin. I particularly enjoyed this brief excursion into the background of the museum – it put the art I later on looked at in an almost personal and intimate context, because I knew that the pieces had been hand-picked and collected by an individual for over forty years. With every painting or sculpture I asked myself ”why this piece?“ – these kinds of questions are also what the audio guide oaccasionally dips into. 🤓👌

I always enjoy going to museums and galleries – mainly for what I see and learn of course, but I also find the atmosphere there so relaxing. It’s usually quiet, the temperature and humidity are exactly right and … now I sound like Adrian Monk. 

There is something like too much of a good thing though – when I’m out and about on my own I really enjoy that I can decide when I’ve had enough and want to go home. And it’s not so much a decision, it’s a feeling I get quite suddenly and then I want to leave. And I do. This is great, honestly. When I’m with friends and I sense this feeling of “Ok, this was fun, but now I want to go home and recharge“ creeping up on me, I have to extract myself (in a respectful and loving way and without hurting anyone’s feelings) in the course of the next 30 minutes or I get to a point of complete exhaustion. And that’s not easy. When I’m with extroverts who’re recharging by being with others, making a point of leaving after 2hrs because I’ve ~ had enough ~ can be kind of a balancing act. I have to honour my own needs, but I don’t want my friend(s) to think that I can only put up with them for 2hrs at a time. Tricky… 🕸 But that’s a subject for another time/blogpost.

Cycling home through the Tiergarten on a sunny day in autumn is a real treat, just look at this. 🍂

I’m already looking forward to my next date (with myself) … – maybe you should take yourself out every once in a while as well, and always remember that you’re your own best friend. 👯‍♀️

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