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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Didn’t I only just manage to demolish all remaining (slightly stale) Christmas cookies? And now I’m baking more cookies? Yes.
I need something sweet with my tea in the afternoon, so I came up with this recipe. I seem to be kind of obsessed with figs lately – … [re: my Paris x London blogpost and the slightly weird purchase I made in London/Belgravia.]
So, I wanted to bake cookies with figs and also add some nuts – I went with walnuts in the end – and created these vegan fig and walnut cookies. 🍪

As I said – this is really easy. Chop the dried figs into small bits, mix the dry ingredients, slowly add coconut oil and agave syrup and make everything into a (kind of crumbly) dough.
I don’t like my cakes and cookies too sweet, so I didn’t use too much sugar. The dried figs add some sweetness anyway. But bear that in mind and maybe add more sugar/agave syrup to your liking.

Preheat your oven to 180°C and put some non-sticky baking paper on your baking tray. Forming the cookies can be a bit tricky and frustrating, because the dough is so crumbly, but don’t give up, you’ll get the hang of it. I actually used a tablespoon, heaped a good amount of dough on it and compacted it with the palm of my hand, so that i ended up with a mussle shaped bit of dough. I put that on my baking tray and pressed it slightly flat with my spoon. In case some bits of dough manage to “escape”, just press everything back into shape carefully.

Now put them into the oven and bake them for ~8-10 minutes depending on their size. 🍪
Wait until your cookies have cooled completely, then melt your dark chocolate – preferably use a bowl with a wide base so that you can easily “dunk” your cookies and cover their “bellies” with chocolate. 🍫 I spread out some clingfilm on the kitchen table and put them there to dry. That way you don’t have to scrub chocolate from a cooling rack lateron and also don’t waist any chocolate. 🐛

Honestly, a delicous biscuit/cookie is what I’m most looking forward to around 3pm when my energy level is low and I make myself a cup of tea. I’ll definitely make these again and again and maybe do some more experimenting with other dried fruits/nuts etc. Cookies and baking, man, so exciting! 👩🏻‍🔬

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