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Sunday, March 31, 2019

πŸ“ everything marked with an asterisk * were pr samples and have been given to me for free.

Wow, am I glad that I’m not doing these posts monthly. It’d be quite a bore, let me tell you. It usually takes me at least three months to accumulate “new” favourites or re-discover “old” things that are becoming favourites (again). But, you know, enough time has passed and I have some new (and old) things to show you. ARE YOU EXCITED??! 🀑

Do I want to do this chronologically or in some other kind of order …? I’m not sure. I think I’ll start with my Paloma Wool Corduroy Shirt that I bought in the beginning of December (of last year). It is navy blue, quite big, long and rather thick. Although Paloma Wool (thankfully!) doesn’t gender market their clothes, this shirt in particular is from the “men’s section”, I think. I got the smallest size, but it is still rather dress-like on me, which I actually really like. I love wearing lots of layers during colder months and I’ve most of the time worn this on top of a long-sleeved T-shirt + short-sleeved T-shirt combination to keep warm. The shirt is kind of a blanket-like tent you can hide under without looking too ridiculous. I find it perfect for traveling – when I spend lots of time in crowded public spaces, I love wearing things that give me some personal/private space. ⛺️

Had I told my ~13y/o self that one day a bike helmet would be one of my/her favourite things, she wouldn’t have believed me for sure. I’ve talked about this before: I love my bike and I love cycling. It’s my primary and preferred means of transport and I’d rather cycle an hour through the rain, than spend 30 minutes on a crowded train. The thing (in Berlin) is: Cycling somewhere is usually much quicker than taking public transport. Also, being dependent on someone/something else than just myself, sometimes triggers my anxiety and makes me feel kind of unsafe. So, it’s always going to be me and my bike. And since Berlin isn’t known for its “vast grid of bike lanes”, cycling in this city is also quite dangerous. ⚠️
That’s why I asked for a bike helmet for Christmas – more precisely this nutcase one. Although I wouldn’t mind looking like a complete nerd, as long as my brain is being protected, I still think it’s a big plus, when a helmet is safe and not completely ridiculous looking. I like the looks of this one, so it’s a win-win.
It says “i love my brain” on the back of the helmet and I couldn’t agree more. I love my brain and this helmet and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it … when riding my back, that is. (So far I’m not wearing it while doing the dishes or checking my e-mails. Although, now that I think of it, maybe that’d be a good idea.)

A few weeks ago I received a package from Dr. Hauschka* with a very generous selection of their make-up products. I connect a lot of very fond memories with this brand – … I came across Dr. Hauschka roughly ten years ago and I remember that I asked my Mum for a few of their skincare products for Christmas back then. I also got two different lipstick shades. It was my first branch-off from drugstore products and my introduction to high quality organic cosmetics. I was still buying animal tested products and my idea of high-end were brands like MAC and the like. But I also learned to value organic brands and products with good ingredients. Something that always stood out for me with Dr. Hauschka products, was and is their marvelous rosy (is it rosy?) scent. When I’m wearing one of their lipsticks for example, the scent stays with me the whole day and makes me feel really warm and fuzzy.

Two products I want to talk about in particular, are the lipstick in shade 09, called chess flower and the lipgloss in shade 03, called blackberry. They go really well together, but look also great on their own. The lipstick is a deep berry tone and so is the lipgloss, but less opaque and more glossy, of course. With darker lipstick colours like this one I usually apply one thin layer (directly from the tube) and then rub my lips together (or use my finger) to work the colour in and make it look more natural. When I want the colour to be full-on, I use a lip pencil to make it neater and don’t just dab the colour on, but maybe even apply two layers. (The swatch is one layer btw.)
 These colours also fade very nicely and naturally and you can easily re-apply the lipstick (without a mirror) by just putting a bit of product on your finger, then applying it to your lips like a lip balm and maybe even adding the lipgloss. Although this might be considered more of an autumn colour, I also wore it on the very spring-like days we’ve already had in March. Applied more lightly it is the perfect I-just-ate-blackberries kind of colour. πŸ‡ (I know these are grapes.)

Food. I think I ate the same thing for breakfast every morning (whenever I had breakfast at home, that is) for the last … at least six months: Porridge. God, Porridge, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Although the general recipe didn’t change, I made little tweaks and improvements (or might I even say experiments πŸ‘΅πŸ») over the last couple of months. Something I’ve been adding to my porridge as of recently: Caramelized (wal)nuts and apple slices. So good! (And addictive.) 🍎

First, I roast a handful of walnuts in a frying pan, then add apple slices, reduce the heat, bake the apple slices from both sides, add a pinch of cinnamon and in the end deglaze everything with a generous dash of maple syrup. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to eat in the summer, when it’s not porridge season anymore. Maybe a frozen smoothie bowl topped with … caramelized nuts and apples?

I found these earrings on etsy a while back and immediately fell in love. I usually wear them individually and pair them with some simple studs or mini hoops. I absolutely love handmade jewelry – the pieces are unique and have a history, I find that really special. I don’t have much more to say about these earrings, just that they’re beautiful and I hope I’ll have them forever. πŸ’œ

In addition to my usual advent calendar (yeah, I just said “advent calendar” and it’s not even Easter yet), I got a very special one from less is more* last November. It was full of travel sized versions of their hair and skincare products, as well as other things like tea and candles. I’ve never bothered with using hair products during the past few years, to be completely honest. I wash and brush my hair and get a trim every once in a while. The end. No conditioner, no styling products – … I don’t even blow dry my hair. But when less is more blessed me with (what felt like their whole range? πŸ™) of hair products, I had to TRY THEM ALL of course.
All of their products smell divine, they’re also organic and cruelty-free. πŸ‡
Here are my top three:
• 🌹 Rose Serum – special care for dry, thick & damaged hair
• πŸ’œ Lavender Smooth Balm – leave-in heat protection for dry & thick hair to soften, detangle, anti-frizz and shine
• 🌿 Herbal Tonic – leave-in scalp treatment to clarify, refresh & soothe the scalp
Let me tell you about the Rose Serum first. It is out of this world. I didn’t know there was serum for your hair. I only just recently learned about face serums – because I live under a rock apparently. I use the serum (~ 1-2x/week) in the evening and leave it in overnight. Whenever I know I’m going to wash my hair the next morning, I apply a few drops directly onto my scalp and then massage it in and rub whatever’s left on my fingers gently into the ends of my hair. You only need very little product with each use, so the small bottle is going to last you A WHILE.

After washing my hair the next day, it is softer, and feels thicker and fuller somehow. I usually use the serum in combination with my other favourite, the Lavender Smooth Balm which I apply onto my still damp hair before combing it with a wooden wide tooth comb.
The Lavender Smooth Balm smells amazing and the smell lingers in my hair the whole day, which I love. When I take the time to really knead the balm into my ends, my hair also actually get slightly curly. πŸ‘€

And last but not least the Herbal Tonic – it came in really handy especially all throughout January when my scalp oftentimes felt dry and itchy due to the dry heating air. It smells amazing, and feels really calming and soothing on the scalp. To apply this I lift up my cover hair and spritz the tonic directly onto my scalp. I sometimes also use a massage hair brush (also from less is more) afterwards to distribute the product a bit more and give myself a bit of a ~ head massage ~. πŸ’†πŸ»‍♀️

Last but certainly not least: A podcast. I went down a bit of a true crime podcast rabbit whole in the past weeks and I think I’ve listened to them all by now. One that definitely stood out as extraordinary, was In the Dark by APM Reports hosted and reported by Madeleine Baran. There are currently two seasons that are very different but amazing in their own way. I wish I could listen to them again for the first time.
The two seasons follow two different cases, that aren’t related or anything and I’m briefly going to talk about the case in season two, because – and I hope you’re sitting down: The case is currently argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. Oral arguments were last week and there is an update episode and it is all extremely exciting. The second season deals with the case of Curtis Flowers in Winona, Mississippi:

Curtis Flowers has been tried six times for the same crime. For 21 years, Flowers has maintained his innocence. He's won appeal after appeal, but every time, the prosecutor just tries the case again. What does the evidence reveal? And why does the justice system ignore the prosecutor's record and keep Flowers on death row? [Source]

I highly, highly recommend this podcast. The work Madeleine Baran and her team are doing is remarkable. You get (behind the scenes) glimpses into their meticulous investigative reporting – so they’re not just like “we found out A, B, and C“ but instead tell you exactly how they got the evidence. It’s like watching archaeologists relentlessly and unwaveringly excavating a fucking huge dinosaur bit by bit by bit. 
Do yourself a favour and listen to In The Dark!

How do I always manage write novellas when I only want to “briefly tell you about my favourites”? No idea. Anyways, hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

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