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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Last week I made some vegan muesli bars to have with my tea in the afternoon. I absolutely love muesli bars, but they usually contain a lot of sugar and not much else that could hold you over for a few hours. And the really good granola bars are quite expensive, so … I made my own! I improvised the recipe and noted it down as I was going along and since it turned out quite good, here it is.

# 1 soak dried dates in tepid water (remove stones first!) for at least 15 minutes
# 2 put 1 tbsp of coconut oil in a frying pan and heat it up – add a dash of agave syrup and 1 tbsp of cinnamon
# 3 put your almonds in the pan and toast them for ~5 minutes; move them around occasionally so that they’re coated evenly with the oil/cinnamon/syrup mixture and add a bit of ground vanilla in the end

# 4 now add the rolled oats plus your shredded coconut, mix them with the almonds and toast everything until slightly golden brown, then play “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers (optional)
# 5 drain the dates, but save the water they were soaking in (!!), and blend them until you’re left with a smooth mush – put it aside
# 6 mix peanut butter (this should be made from 100% peanuts without anything else added) with agave syrup – this can be made easier when you slightly warm up your peanut butter in a small pot and stir the agave syrup in. Here I should add: When you like your granola bars quite sweet, add more agave syrup. Mine turned out not too sweet in the end, which I prefer, but … just giving you a heads up.
# 7 take your roasted oat mixture and put it in a big bowl, add chia seeds, chop and add the dried apricots and mix everything together

# 8 add your peanut butter mix as well as your blended dates to your roasted oates and almonds and combine everything as good as possible – I used a large spoon, but you might even use your hands – now: in case your mixture is too dry and feels more like crumbly granola, add a bit of the sugary water you’ve saved from your dates … you should be left with something that roughly holds its shape

# 9 prepare a deep baking tray or casserole dish by lining it with baking paper, put the muesli mixture in and press it down evenly – you can either use your hands or cover the oats with clingfilm and use a book (highly recommend – it gets really compact and even that way)
# 10 melt the chocolate and spread it out on top of your muesli mixture in the baking pan – let everything cool until the chocolate is solid again (I put the tray in the fridge for a few hours)

# 11 now you’re done – cut into squares or rectangles using a very sharp knife and keep your muesli bars in a tin or the like where they can get a bit of air. I left the lid off of mine for a few days, because the muesli bars are quite moist when they’re fresh and you don’t want them to mould, right? 🙃

What a perfect note to end on – beware of the mould and enjoy your muesli bars! 🐭

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