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Sunday, June 23, 2019

A few weeks ago I asked on instagram, what blogposts you wanted to read from me and I got “morning/evening routine“ as one of the many responses – thank you for the input by the way! I was a bit surprised because apparently you (or at least some of you) are interested in me as a person – what a concept, I know. 😂 Anyhow. I have my morning routine for you today, which isn’t overly exciting, but just my actual (almost) daily morning routine ya know. 🤷🏻‍♀️✨

I’m a morning person. I LOVE my mornings. When I’ve gotten up early and did my whole spiel of exercise, shower, tea etc. I really feel like myself for the rest of the day and get a lot done while also finding time to (and allowing myself to) rest.
I love and need my routines – they give me a sense of control and I find comfort in that. (Don’t psychoanalyse me please.) Having said sense of control right in the beginning of the day, then makes it easier for me to let go and go with the flow during the rest of the day, which is a good balance, I think.

I try to wake up around the same time every day, also Saturdays and Sundays. I love getting out of bed early – the concept of “sleeping in” makes zero sense to me.
Depending on how I feel that day or how much time I have, I either go for a walk, a run, or a little bike ride right after waking up (and brushing my teeth). Getting my heart rate up in the morning changes my whole day and makes it so much better. It’s like a movement mediation where I can get my thoughts in order. The 30-60 min exercise also function as kind of barrier between my relaxation/sleep time and whatever the rest of the day might bring.

After my walk, run or bike ride I come home and do some miscellaneous chores around the apartment before I take a shower. Putting away the clean dishes from the night before, folding laundry and so on. Having my surroundings tidy and in order is the best starting situation for me to be productive. When my desk is clean, I can fully dive into my work – when it isn’t, I feel like I’m trying to swim with my legs tied together.

Anyway, then: Shower. When I work from home and don’t have to get dressed and properly “ready“, I just put on some comfy clothes, which I love. I’m much more productive on the days I work from home and at my own desk. It’s probably an Introvert/HSP thing and I’m okay with that. As long as I know what works best for me, I’m not one for trying to change myself in order to fit a certain mould.

As I’ve already mentioned on instagram – I’ve made (my side of the bed) as well as evenings and early mornings a device/phone/internet free zone. Meaning, I put my phone in flight mode before dinner, plug it in at my desk and leave it there until the next morning when I need music or a podcast for my morning run or walk. I still leave my phone in flight mode during exercising in the morning – I just don’t want to be sucked in by e-mails and other notifications before I’ve woken up properly and had some fresh air, a shower or my first cup of tea.
Speaking of tea: After my shower, I make a big pot of green tea and get to work. That’s when I first switch my phone (and laptop) on. Since I tend to either get completely lost in tasks or jump from one thing to the next without concentrating on and finishing one task at a time, I started working with setting timers.
The first thing I do each day is answer my e-mails. So I set a timer for 30-60 Minutes and just do that, answer e-mails. Getting those out of the way first thing, helps me to put them aside for the rest of the morning. Meaning, when responses and new e-mails start coming in whilst I’m working on something else, I don’t rush back to my inbox, but finish what I was doing and get back to the e-mails for a second round in the afternoon. This doesn’t always work. I sometimes have to actually shut my e-mail program down, because the notifications distract me. I only have to get a glimpse at the subject line and the two first lines of a message to start drafting replies in the back of my mind … – e-mails, i’m telling you … such a productivity killer. ☠️

This blogpost is turning into a tips on productivity kind of thing so I’ll stop going on about this now. I did an actual productivity blogpost last summer, you can check that out ~ here ~. 💻

If you’re like “girl, it’s probably past noon already, how is this your morning routine?“ – I eat breakfast quite late (at around 11) – so everything happening before that is my morning.
I’m most productive before noon, so I try to get as much done as possible before 11am and have breakfast a wee bit later. After I’ve finished responding to e-mails, I get some writing done – … just like now for example … it’s 9:48, I went on a run in the morning, showered, am currently drinking green tea, already got my e-mails out of the way and am now working on this blogpost .
Other things I do in the morning are client work, coming up with new blogpost ideas, taking pictures for my blog or creating recipes for future blogposts. Like that day for example – I experimented with a cookie recipe. 👀 🍪

At around 11, I make myself the second pot of tea and some breakfast – preferably a smoothie bowl with granola. And that’s my morning. ☀️
I hope you found this helpful in any way or enlightening or entertaining. I’d be interested in hearing about your morning routines – are you a morning person as well? How do your mornings look like? 

Thanks for your time – have a great rest of your day!

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