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Saturday, November 30, 2019

My mum always used to make a Christmas fruit bread with lots of nuts and dried fruit and baked it in these small baking tins of different shapes and sizes (at least 10-15 I guess, sometimes she made multiple batches) and gave them away to people on Christmas. She wrapped them in tin foil and a christmas-y kitchen towel and added evergreens and little Christmas ornaments. She’d been doing this ever since I can remember and people absolutely adored her fruit bread. Last Christmas was the first Christmas without her celebrated fruit bread. And although her very own recipe still exists of course, I’d never ever share it. I also don’t feel ready to follow in her footsteps and take over her annual Christmas bread baking. I’ll probably bake some someday, but I think I won’t take over and keep up her tradition of baking Christmas bread for all of the family’s friends and relatives. Some traditions die with the people who first came up with them, I guess.

However, I’ve been missing the taste of this kind of cake that is so stuffed with fruits and nuts that you’re not even sure if there’s flour in it at all. So I kind of made up my own, vegan Christmas fruit bread and although it doesn’t taste like my mother’s, it is pretty yummy and also easy to make.

# 1 chop dried fruit and nuts – you can leave the nuts in bigger chunks, but the fruit pieces should be bitesized.
# 2 wash, zest, squeeze lemon and orange – I have a grater that makes it really easy to zest citrus fruit, but you can use a regular grater as well of course.
# 3 mix chopped fruit, nuts, lemon/orange zest and juice in a big bowl.

# 4 make ”vegan egg” from soy flour + water and add it to the mix, along with the sugar. ~ mix well in-between each step ~ also, how often can you say ”mix“ in one blogpost?
# 5 mix coffee and rum and add to the mix as well. (there, two more times.)
In another bowl,
# 6 mix flour, baking soda, gingerbread spice and breadcrumbs and add to the big bowl.

Kneed everything together thoroughly. Take your loaf pan and grease it with some margarine, add a coating of breadcrumbs if you have any left, that’ll make the finished bread come out easier after baking. 

And last but not least, bake at 200°C for 90 minutes. To prevent the top of your cake/bread from getting too dark or even burnt, cover it up with some tin foil after 45 minutes of baking.

When your cake is done, take it out and let it cool off on a baking rack. Mix lemon juice + icing sugar and ice your (completely cooled off) cake. Add some almond halves if you feel like it.

As so often with cakes and other baked goods: This fruit bread tastes really, really good after it sat for a while (thoroughly wrapped in tin foil or any other material of your choice). So this is a perfect Christmas gift actually, that you can prepare a few days in advance and then gift to someone. I made a double batch this year and gave some loaves away already. I hope you’ll try this and love the taste of it as much as I do! ⭐️

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