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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Usually, when writing a favourites blogpost, I go off on numerous tangents and turn a post that could have been a ten minute read into a novel. That’s what I’m trying to avoid today by “just” making ~ a short list ~ of my current favourites. We’ll see how it goes—… I feel like I’ve already blown it to be quite frank because I could be talking about item number one by now, and instead am still here palavering.
Okay, I’m doing it.
No, hold on a second, another disclaimer: The following things may seem ordinary (one might even call them “boring”), but I’ve been realizing over the last four to five weeks, that the very ordinary every day things are what actually make me most happy. Groundbreaking, I know.
You won’t come out of this with a shopping list of things you have to get in order to be happy as well. Okay? Okay.

My plants are making me so happy at the moment (and always). They’re thriving! We’ve been having beautiful sunny weather for weeks now and my plants are loving it. I talk to them, water them, support them with little bamboo stakes, dust off their leaves—it’s glorious. They’re brightening up our space and add A Lot of Live.

For all those extroverts out there, there are a thousand and one ways to stay in touch with people. To name only a few, or more specifically the trinity of my personal nightmare: talking on the phone (quelle horreur), face time and what’s app. 
I also want to check in with people and let them know I’m thinking about them, but my preferred way is (yes, a text message or an occasional call), but I’ve also been writing a lot of postcards and letters. Writing is therapeutic in a way and doesn’t feel like a chore to me, whereas ”staying in touch“ usually does.
Taking a brief and brisk walk to the mailbox to post your letters and postcards also gets you out of the house while still following the self isolation rules. (Introvert-Granny-Tip Number One y’all.)

Water is my favourite. Always has been, always will be. Green tea and chilled mineral water. I usually drink 2-3 liters a day. Staying hydrated is always important of course, but I feel like seemingly obvious things like drinking enough water can be a simple way to take care of yourself and do something. Just like washing your hands. 🧼

Remember that scene in Home Alone where Kevin tells this anecdote about the (ice?) skates he once got (for Christmas)? He found them too precious to ever use so he ended up growing out of them without having worn them once.
That’s me and skincare. I sometimes buy extra special skincare products and then ~ save ~ the products for … yeah, for when, girl?! And skincare does go bad, you know.
I’ve decided that a global pandemic is exactly the moment I’ve saved all that amazing skincare products for and started using them. In fact, I used a sheet mask yesterday AND some fancy under eye patches in the evening. Yes, both products on the same day. LUXURIOUS.
But: What I actually wanted to mention is a face oil by blue labelle I got on the Isle of Wight last year and have saved ever since. It’s natural skincare made by hand on the actual Isle of Wight and I finally started using the face oil I had purchased and it’s terrific. I apply it once in the morning underneath my moisturizer and my sensitive skin is loving it. The application and glorious smell of the oil make me feel very luxurious and again, it’s these seemingly little things…

Speaking of skincare: I think I’ve used more hand cream in the past four weeks than possibly … ever. I’m taking this as an opportunity to finally use up the very many hand cremes I own. At this point, my hands are so very dry that I can’t tell if one hand cream is better than the other—I just slather on an insane amount and hope for the best. Wash your hands, apply hand cream, repeat. 🧴

Nothing new here. I genuinely enjoy cooking and preparing food—but during this time especially it feels like an extra act of self love to cook something delicious and nourishing (not just for the body, but also for the soul … like CARBS). Often there’s homemade pizza, pasta, baked veggies + potatoes, vegan patties, various veggies + rice and tofu variations, sometimes salad and always, always chocolate for dessert.

Another all time favourite but more important than ever: My daily yoga routine. I always either follow one of Adriene’s monthly playlists or re-do one of her Yoga-Camps from previous years. That way I don’t have to select a video every day. Because too many options = stressful and overwhelming.
I’m currently redoing “Dedicate”, the 30-day-Yoga-Journey from last year. 💗

+ + +

The last thing I want to throw in is a show called The Act which is streaming on Hulu or Amazon Prime/Starz Channel.
I’m having a hard time focusing on books at the moment and have been dipping in and out of them a lot, instead of reading for longer stretches of time.

“The Act follows Gypsy Blanchard, a girl trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her overprotective mother. Her quest for independence opens a Pandora’s box of secrets, one that ultimately leads to murder.“ (source: Hulu)

The series is based on true events and I watched the documentary, that explores the very same case, Mommy Dead and Dearest, around three years ago. The series (as well as the documentary) are very gripping and suspenseful, but disturbing and unsettling at the same time. I’m usually not one to binge watch one episode after the other, but with this series I was very tempted! One day I watched three episodes—not back to back, but with breaks in between, and I have to say, it wasn’t doing me any good… But it’s so gripping and so well done—I highly recommend it.

+ + +

That’s it, people. Hope you’re well. Take good care of yourself! 💜


  1. Hi! Love this post❤️❤️ I found it really inspiring for improving my slow-life routine. I have a question: would you consider having a new penpal? If so, please, just let me know.

    Chels @morningletters @cheloroan

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  3. Hi, it's the same for me, I'm a "skincare savior" and I feel like you said "yeah, for when, girl?" haha

    thanks for sharing your favorites, take care


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