A trip to the Baltic Sea (on film)

Sunday, October 11, 2020

It’s been over a month since I returned from my trip to the Baltic Sea. The season has changed since then, summer is over and sweaty hikes through the woods, and walks along the beach in shorts are a thing of the past. Nevertheless, I wanted to revisit the seaside town I stayed in and share a few 35mm snapshots. πŸ“·

I already said this in one of my previous posts — having your flights and trips cancelled this year is only a minor disappointment compared to the ramifications this pandemic is causing for countless other people. But trying to stay sane and looking after oneself is currently more important than ever. And towards the end of this summer, I really felt the pain of not having been able to go away at all this year. I was exhausted and desperately needed a break and a change of scene. I knew that a four day trip to the sea wouldn’t make me feel renewed and recharged as if the last six months hadn’t happened, but getting out of one’s daily routines and surroundings can still do amazing things for the brain. And so I went. πŸ‹

Sassnitz on the island of RΓΌgen is lovely. I stayed in the old part of town that’s also closest to the Jasmund National Park. I knew that I wouldn’t be going out to restaurants, or cafΓ©s and wanted as little contact with others as possible (not only because of social distancing πŸ™ƒ), so I rented an apartment, went grocery shopping once in the beginning of my trip and cooked all my meals “at home”. I lived a sweet, recluse, hermit kind of life for four days – went on morning runs in the National Park, where you can walk along the high bank and get glimpses at the sea and coast, went on walks and hikes in the woods, did yoga in the conservatory of my apartment, had coffee on my little balcony, read, journaled, breathed.

Not having to take care of everything and everyone for a few days was nice. I hadn’t had time to journal for weeks and for me, not being able to write means not knowing what I think and feel. Only when I sit down and brain dump everything on the page, I see clearer, feel relieved and know what to do next. Going away and taking the time to be outside (without chasing after a puppy and trying to keep him from eating bird-do and chewing gum off the street πŸ˜‚), go on long hikes and afterwards just sit, look at the sea and write, was really therapeutic. It also reminded me that I need to make time to do exactly that at home as well. In the last few months I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, ~ things that needed to get done ~, as well as things that I actually wanted to do. The thought of not having done enough and needing to do even more was constant, despite any kind of progress I was making. Since returning home I’m more conscious of the to-do-lists I’m writing for myself. Instead of piling on even more, I ask myself what’s really important and necessary and cross off all the rest. I worked on that even more and came up with a planning method that helps me organize my projects and responsibilities in a healthier and more sustainable way. Let me know if you’re interested to hear about it — I might do a whole separate blogpost on it towards the end of the year. πŸ“

But enough for now. I’m going to leave you with one last shot from my dreamy trip to the sea, hoping that you, too, are finding ways to rest and recenter. Take good care and talk soon!


  1. Loved this blog post, the photos are so dreamy... I could imagine a story of set on this area πŸ’« and also I'd love to hear about your planning method... Take care xx

    1. Thank you! πŸ’œ There's going to be a bit more on that in my upcoming monthly blogpost. πŸ‘€

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