Hello friend,
thanks for stopping by and welcome!

I’ve been considering this my virtual herb and vegetable garden of the internet for over seven years now.
Fear not, I won’t dive deeper into this metaphor for all our sakes.
In the very beginning—as you can imagine—I more or less talked to myself on here. And although my readership grew considerably, the community still feels book club style cozy and intimate.
When I’m writing about travel adventures, the food I’m making, the books I’m reading, or the moisturizer I’m putting on my face, I still pretend that it’s just four or five of us sitting in a circle, talking about anything and everything.
This helps me stick to topics that are true and close to my heart, that I spend a lot of time thinking about, that bring me joy (or make me sad) and that I want to share and write about.
And now I’m coming back to the garden metaphor after all: I hope you’ll find something you like on your stroll through my garden—stop and smell the roses (or the rosemary) —and come out grounded and inspired on the other side.

Take care and talk soon!


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